Record Sets

With the upgrade, you are now able to create record sets, or add items or bib records to new or existing record sets in Leap.  These record sets can be accessed in Leap or desktop Polaris.

This means you can add items as you pull from the shelf into weeding or maintenance record sets.

An example:

Review items on shelf, Scan item barcode into Leap to check stats, etc

If you need to make item changes (remove from new shelf, mark withdrawn, etc) go to Actions>Add to…

If you select Add to New Record Set, it will open the record set creation workform. Please remember to use proper naming protocols. Once the item has been added, remember to Save and Close the record set.  You can also add to an existing record set by searching for the correct one.

You can also add to the record set by scanning items:

You can create a new record set from the toolbar by New>Record Set

Select the appropriate type of Record Set from the dropdown menu

To find your existing record sets use the FIND tool and select Record Set from the 1st dropdown menu:

Type in the name or beginning of your record set to search for it.  It should appear in the list.


Please let me know if you have any questions.