MBLN Record Set Naming Protocols

MBLN Record Set Naming Protocols  revised 12/9/13 PDF with all screenshots

For use by branch/department staff:

Name = Staff Member Initials followed by short descriptive name of record set (if you use 3 initials in your email address, use 3 initials here: eccadillic vs. ecadillic)

Owner = branch name

Notes = other descriptive information

For use by all staff at your library (ex. Malden):

Name = Malden Juv SR 2013 K

Owner = Malden (lib)

Notes = other descriptive information

For use for Deposits (ex. Deposit of Large Print from West Roxbury to Adams):

Name = Deposit WR large print to AD until 4/1/14

Owner = Boston Public Library (br)

Notes = left empty

For use for Floating (ex. Floating Dvds):

Name = Floating DVDX (date)

Owner = Boston Public Library (lib)

Notes= no circ 9 months

For use for BPL Redistribution of Floating Materials by Collection


Name = Floating East Boston Requested by Collection

Owner = BPL East Boston Branch Library

Notes = none