Circulating InterLibrary Loan Materials

Circulating Interlibrary Loan Materials – MBLN instructions – PDF with all screenshots

Circulating Interlibrary Loan Materials – BPL instructions – PDF with all screenshots

All ILL materials will be checked out using on-the-fly item (OTF) templates. When you scan in the barcode, the OTF template will appear. Please follow the instructions below for all Virtual Catalog and Illiad items. Virtual Catalog items materials may not be renewed. If a patron wishes to renew an ILLIAD item, staff should contact ILL directly.

Please remember the following for ILL items:

  • Use Special Loan period
  • Use upper and lower case for the title
  • Add in the VC# or TN# in the Free Text block
  • Do not change anything in Circulation Setup.  The material type is not ILL.
  • You must withdraw the item in Polaris once it has been returned