Inactive or Suspended Holds

Suspended holds work a little bit differently in Polaris.  The system is configured to maintain queue position if a hold is suspended/inactive however the hold must first be saved as an active hold.

  1. Place the request as usual.
  2. Save the request with an active status.  Make sure you do not change the Activation Date (see below in yellow).Inactive-Suspended-Holds-1
  3. You can now see the request in the Holds Queue.
  4. To suspend the request, open up the hold request, change the Activation Date and save the changes.  The Expiration date will automatically change and the status becomes Inactive.
  5.  You will no longer see this request in the Holds Queue (and the number of active holds is reduced).
  6.  If you wish to see all holds for a record, select All Hold Requests through Links (this will show inactive, shipped, etc).
  7. When the hold becomes active, it will then be placed in the appropriate spot in the Holds Queue.
  8. The request can always be viewed in Patron Status – Requests workform.