Hold Request Status Definitions

When a hold request is placed in the queue, its status is automatically set to Active. All items that can fill the hold request are bound to it, and the items can be trapped to fill the request. The system is actively looking for items to fill the request. You can cancel an active request.

Cancelled hold requests remain in the database and visible on Polaris workforms. A Cancelled request cannot be filled. However, you can reactivate or delete it.

If a hold request is not filled within the specified period of time, the request status automatically changes to Expired. An Expired request cannot be filled.

A Held request indicates that an item has been trapped to fill the request, and the item’s circulation status is also Held. The item is ready for the patron to pick up.

An Inactive hold request has an activation date in the future. The request does not appear in the queue, and an item cannot be trapped to fill the request until the activation date. You can cancel or delete an Inactive request.  The request does appear on the All Holds Request list.

When an Active request can be filled by an item with a status of In at your library, or the request has been routed to another library that has the item with a status of In, the status changes to Pending. If none of the items there have a status of In, the request keeps its Active status, and items can be trapped to fill the request.

A Shipped hold request status indicates that an item was trapped at a branch other than the pickup branch, and is being shipped to the pickup branch.

If the requesting patron does not pick up the held item within the specified period of time, the hold request status automatically changes from Held to Unclaimed.

You can also find this information on pages 236 and 237 of the Polaris Patron Services Manual 4.1.