Procedures for Designee or Homebound authorization

Procedures for Designee or Homebound authorization__PDF with screenshots

Designee  Authorization Form – just the form

“Circulation, registration information, and information retrieval records may not be disclosed except to: Persons authorized by the cardholder to access the individual’s records identified by a signed note of permission given by the cardholder” (BPL Privacy Policy). This policy has historically been interpreted as giving permission to pick up another cardholder’s materials.

Designee and Homebound authorizations will  follow the same process and use the same authorization form.    Whenever the authorized person comes to pick up materials they must bring the patron’s library card or a valid form of government issued personal identification.

Designee authorization

Designee authorization allows patrons the ability to designate other individuals to check out materials for them.  There is no limit to the number of designees a patron may authorize.  The process is described below.  There are no changes to the Patron code in Polaris.

Homebound authorization

Homebound cards are intended for BPL customers who are unable to visit the library due to illness, injury, or disability (this includes the frail elderly) and designate another person (caretaker, family member, etc.) to pick up library materials for them.  The Patron code in Polaris is Homebound for these individuals.

  •  Homebound cards are available to all Massachusetts residents.
  • Material loan periods are the same as for all other cardholders, although waiving fines is often a reasonable accommodation for homebound patrons and should be granted as needed. Homebound cardholders are responsible for paying for any lost materials on their cards.