Fund Explorer & Fund Name Find Tool

Original audience: BPL Central Department Heads and Branch Librarians, sent by email 2/6/2013

Any fund that you find in Polaris is available right now to use.  There are still some funds that have yet to be set up, but you can begin ordering with the available funds immediately.

BPL Staff: If you are using TitleSource to create an order and your fund number is not in the drop down menu, just use the X instead.  If you do this, make sure you create different carts for each fund.  When you send the carts to Collection Development, make sure you let them know what fund to use.  Contact Melissa Andrews with any questions about how to place orders.  We are still working through the orders that we held during the migration to Polaris, so there will be a delay until special orders can be placed. Everyone should have permissions in Polaris to look up funds.  If you do not have access, please put in a Help Desk ticket and include the text of your error message.


There are two options for looking up funds:

  • Fund Explorer – Use for getting a snapshot of your available balance for a specific fund or an entire category (ex: all BPL Rare Books department trust funds).
  • Fund Name Find Tool – Use to search specific funds. Can search by name or fund number. Can see transaction history for each fund.


Fund Explorer

  1. Go to Acquisitions – Fiscal Years
  2. Search = 2013
  3. Double click to open the fiscal year
  4. Go to Links – Fund Explorer
  5. Click on the plus sign next to each category to go deeper into that category.

The entire fiscal year is under 2013 Summary. From there you can look at each department/branch. Within a branch you can see summaries for the different funding sources (city, trust, LFC, other) and go further down to see specific funds.

When you click on a fund or category, you will see fund information to the right. The Free balance shows how much money is available to spend.


Fund Name Find Tool – Budget number

  1. Go to Acquisitions – Funds
  2. Change Search by field to “Fund alternative name”
  3. Type in fund number (do not use .2013 on the end—that suffix will not be used in Polaris) and hit enter. (Ex: 5233500)
  4. From the search results, you can see the fund name, number, and the available balance. Double click the fund to see the transaction details of how the fund was used.


Fund Name Find Tool – Budget name

  1. Go to Acquisitions – Funds
  2. You can search by department or fund name (for trust funds). It may be helpful to first look at Fund Explorer to see how funds are named since they have changed from Horizon.
  3. Search *Allen
  4. The search results will return all funds using the Allen trust fund, regardless of department. Double click on each fund for transaction detail.
  5. Try a similar search for funds in a specific department – search for Kirstein Business Library and find all funds assigned to KBL.