All Deposits will be managed using Record Sets. The responsibility for the deposit belongs to the original, assigned location of the items.

Deposits can be sent from BPL Branch to BPL Branch and from Central to a MBLN member (including BPL branches). All deposits of materials originating from Central (B1) will be processed through the InterLibrary Loan Department (ILL). Central (B1) materials will be pulled by the RRA department and sent to ILL for processing.

Floating Materials may not be sent as deposits to non-BPL libraries.

Items loaned to institutions outside of MBLN should be checked out to institutional accounts and are handled through ILL.

Please note: Deposits are NOT to be used for one time class visits or other similar sharing situations when branches wish to have a one-time assembly of items around a theme. Please follow the procedures to request or lend items for a class visit or program.