Non-InterLibrary Loan On-the-Fly Items

Handling On The Fly items revised 11/13/13 – PDF with all screenshots

On the fly should be used when an already barcoded and labeled item is not in the Polaris catalog. If you scan in the barcode and the On The Fly template pops up, please cancel and rescan the item. If the On The Fly template pops up again, go ahead and proceed with the process.

The only new items to be created during Circulation – Check Out are InterLibrary Loan items. No other items should be created On the Fly during Check Out.

When On The Fly items are returned, they must be withdrawn from the system prior to fully cataloging the material. All materials, except Serials/Periodicals, must be withdrawn.


Update and Reminders for BPL staff (5/20/2013):

We have reviewed the process of handling BPL items brought to the circulation desk that are not on file. Do not, as previously instructed, just give the book to the patron and ask them to return it with the rest of their books. We are reinstating the “on the fly” process for these items.

When a patron comes to check out an item that comes up not on file, please follow the following procedures. Please note, these procedures only apply to BPL items with a barcode and spine label. This procedures does not apply to gift materials – see the Adding Gift Materials instructions.

A few things to remember:

  • If you scan in the barcode and the On The Fly (OTF) template pops up, please cancel and rescan the item.
  • If the OTF template pops up again, confirm the barcode matches what is on the item and then proceed with the process.
  • You must fill in the Title, Author and Call Number
    • Do not use additional characters in front of the title
    • Do not use zbd/ or zz/ or zzu/
  • You must select the correct Material type and Loan period
  • You must withdraw the OTF item upon return
    • You must edit the barcode prior to withdrawing the item (through Circulation)
  • Branches should not withdraw their Serials/Periodicals
  • Book Delivery should continue to withdraw their Serials/Periodicals/Newspapers

When an “on the fly” item is returned, an alert will show up on the check-in screen. Upon check-in the item should be withdrawn from the system. If it is an item that you want to be considered for addition to the collection, completely fill out an item maintenance slip (BPL staff intranet) and send the book to Collection Development. If you do not want to add the item to the collection, you may offer it to your Friends’ group to be sold.

Please follow this procedure carefully. We do not want to have “on the fly” items lingering in the database. It is essential that those books are withdrawn upon return.