Items Requested by BPS Locations During Summer

You may check in items that will ask to fill a hold at one of the BPS locations. No delivery takes place to the BPS schools during the summer and we don’t want to leave these requests hanging. Please follow the instructions below.

1. Check in the item.


2. The Transfer Hold box will appear. If you see BPS- listed as the requesting location, click No. In this example, the requesting location is BPS-Hyde Park Educational Complex.BPS-item-requests-2


3. The Reactivate Hold box will appear. Click No. If the patron still wants the item, they can request it again with a different pick up location or place the request again in the fall.


4. You must check in the item again. If there are no outstanding requests and the item is a floating item, checking it in again will keep the item at your location. If there are outstanding hold requests, this will  trigger the next one.  If the request pickup is not BPS – go ahead and transfer for hold.