Request for Items for Book Discussion Groups

Request for Items Book Discussion Groups – PDF with all screenshots

Key Points:

  • Staff should not be placing item specific holds for these titles.
  • Requests should be made on institutional cards.
  • If there is a Hold Queue of 10 or more requests, you must choose a different title.
  • You may place requests in advance; however the activation date must be 30 days or less from the date of your book discussion meeting (or the date you hand out/check out the materials).
  • Edit the expiration date to three days prior to the date of your book discussion meeting.
  • If your book discussion date is after the listed unclaimed date, you must edit to the date of your program.
  • If you have items that have not been checked out to a patron, you must clear the outstanding institutional holds and place the items in-transit back to their assigned location.  If the item is from the floating collection, it will remain on your shelf.