BPL – Logging in to Polaris

It is extremely important that you log into Polaris and select the location you are physically in. This is most apparent when floating materials are checked in, and also affects revenue.

If you are logging into your home (registered) location – “I work at Codman Square, I log in to Codman Square” – this location will automatically default and all you have to do is click OK or hit Enter.  Please confirm that your location is in the box prior to clicking OK.


Once you have logged in, please confirm your name and location are in the upper left corner.  If your name and current location are not displaying, you must log out and log back in.



If you are covering at another location – “I work at Codman Square and I am covering at Faneuil” – you must select the correct branch from the dropdown menu and then click OK.
It is very important that you change your location if you are covering somewhere else.